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About Us

Gravitylink is an Internet company, we advocate to build a culture of innovation and rapidness.

Everyone in the company share an equal partnership with each other, unite together, help and motivate each other.

We hate lengthy meetings and processes,  and prefer to play your own creative ideas in a relaxed working atmosphere.

Good Salary and Welfare

We provides employees with a comprehensive and attractive compensation and benefits system, to attract, motivate and retain talent.The compensation system includes fixed salary and floating bonus, with a rewarding concept of more pay for more ability and more work.In addition to monetary compensation such as wages and bonuses, we also provides a variety of other non-monetary benefits, which are enhanced in the work, as well as the attentive cares given to employees in daily life.

Broad Space for Promotion

Talent is the most important asset in the company, and we do love talent. In 2016, we formed an elite start-up team by Google technology experts, senior management experts in the technology community, masters and doctors of study abroad.Welcome to join us, and to build a better future with Gravitylink.

We sincerely invite job seekers who have the ability, ideas and enthusiasm to apply for our position. Be free to send your resume to

GO Development Engineer:

  • 1. Has experience in Go language development , familiar with the Go language for Web back-end development. Good habits in development and document writing, be able to independently complete the development of the module.
  • 2. Strong ability in coding, have thorough knowledge in data structure, algorithms, etc. Familiar with common design patterns, strong logical thinking ability, quickly analyze,locate and solve problems, good at analyzing business logic relationships.
  • 3. Familiar with relational databases such as MySql, non-relational databases such as Mongodb and Redis. Experience with distributed, large concurrency, and high-performance server architecture is preferred.
  • 4. Proficiency in the use of Linux systems, Linux operating experience is preferred.
  • 5. Familiar with front-end technologies such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.
  • 6. Micro-services architecture is preferred.
  • 7. Strong responsibility for the project, hard work, good communication skills, planning and execution skills, and learning ability.

Web Front-end Engineer:

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1、Product front-end work development, including web and mobile.
  • 2、Document writing, code self-testing, etc. during project development.
  • 3、Solving maintenance and iterative upgrades after the product goes online.
  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Familiar with Html, javascript, css, can complete static pages independently.
  • 2. Familiar with vue.js framework, and vue-router+vuex+axios+es6+sass, with online works is preferred, with Vue server-based rendering experience is preferred.
  • 3. Experience with WeChat development and Mini Program is preferred.
  • 4. Experience in developing apps using weex is preferred.
  • 5. Be dependable, and reliable, and responsible for continuous optimization of the code.

Software Test Engineer

  • Position Responsibility:
  • 1. Write test cases based on requirements documents and design documents.
  • 2. Complete product integration testing and system testing.
  • 3. Perform manual testing based on test cases, feedback tracking product bugs and case bugs.
  • 4. Familiar with automated testing is preferred.
  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science; more than 3 years experience in testing.
  • 2. Familiar with one or several scripting languages is preferred.
  • 3. Master basics of software testing, familiar with the basic methods, processes and specifications of software testing.
  • 4. Familiar with Linux, set up test environment is preferred.
  • 5. Skilled in using various design methods in black box testing case is preferred.
  • 6. Familiar Mysql, use the basic SQL statement to help the test.
  • 7. Familiar with the requirements of the tested systems and the applications, familiar with the business in the field.

Marketing——Work Place: Hong Kong

  • Position Responsibility:
  • 1. Conduct in-depth research on industry status, product positioning, and target customers, to assist CEO in developing marketing strategies and brand promotion solutions.
  • 2. Explore new markets and new customers according to the company's market strategy, and develop and implement effective marketing plans and programs for target customers.
  • 3. Promote the company's brand, products and services.
  • 4. Carrying out brand value and passing it to target customers through effective channels, and to enhance the brand influence of the company.
  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Undergraduate and bachelor degree or above; marketing related major.
  • 2. More than one year of marketing experience.
  • 3. Familiar with new media; have sufficient knowledge of mobile internet marketing.
  • 4. Strong communication skills and logical thinking ability to accurately grasp the advantages of the product and customer psychology, efficient integration of internal and external resources.
  • 5. Good appearance, have clear logic in language and thinking, optimistic personality, dare to face challenges.
  • 6. Good customer service awareness, business negotiation skills and interpersonal skills.
  • 7. Have a strong sense of professionalism, teamwork and responsibility, and are willing to grow with the company.

Deep Learning Engineer

  • Job responsibilities:
  • 1、Research and development work in machine learning/deep learning and other related fields;
  • 2、Responsible for deep learning image/video processing algorithm and system development;
  • 3、Support the in-depth study of related products of the company.
  • Job Requirements:
  • 1、Familiar with deep learning algorithms and common machine learning algorithms, with relevant research or project experience;
  • 2、Deep understanding of computer vision related algorithms;
  • 3、Master the implementation and optimization methods of common models of deep learning;
  • 4、Proficient in the use of Tensorflow deep learning platform;
  • 5、Proficient in C++/Python, familiar with Linux working environment, have a profound understanding of data structure and algorithm design;
  • 6、 Experience in developing distributed algorithms, GPU, PS and other platforms.

AI R&D Engineer

  • Job responsibilities:
  • 1、Participated in the development of AI algorithm project design and development plan; Including but not limited to the design and optimization of neural network model, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, active learning, dimensionality reduction, kernel method, spectral method, feature extraction and sparse learning, hierarchical learning, recommendation, random optimization algorithm and system research and development;
  • 2、Designed and developed project functions and key modules to overcome technical problems;
  • 3、Responsible for the exploration and research of machine learning, especially the frontier issues of deep learning, and providing comprehensive technical solutions based on future practical application scenarios.
  • Job Requirements:
  • 1、Bachelor degree or above, major in computer software or related, 3 years or above experience in AI development;
  • 2、Experience in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and other fields of development or scientific research;
  • 3、Proficient in at least one programming language, including but not limited to Java, C/C++, Python, etc;
  • 4、Deep learning academic is preferred.

Algorithm Engineer

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1、Have in-depth research in computer vision (such as target detection and tracking, image segmentation, etc.), preferably with project experience related to target detection, segmentation and image recognition;
  • 2、Familiar with CNN, RFCN, mask-rcnn, Yolo and other mainstream target detection and segmentation frameworks, as well as training and tuning of depth model;
  • 3、Proficient in using at least one open-source framework of deep learning, such as Caffe/Caffe2, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.;
  • 4、Familiar with OpenCV and other open source libraries;
  • 5、Proficient in Python, C++ and other programming languages;
  • 6、Strong learning ability, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
  • 7、Pass the English test and be able to read field papers skillfully.

Embedded R&D Engineer

  • Job responsibilities
  • 1、Realized schematic design and component selection according to design requirements;
  • 2、Responsible for writing software design programs;
  • 3、Hardware testing, hardware testing, maintenance, modification and upgrading of new products;
  • 4、Compiled, sorted out and filed development documents;
  • 5、Provide reasonable Suggestions for system design.
  • Job Requirements:
  • 1、Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, electronics or automation;
  • 2、Master the basic knowledge of analog circuit and digital circuit, proficient in the programming operation and peripheral circuit design of chips such as single-chip microcomputer and ARM;
  • 3、Proficient in software development such as Protel, Altium Designer, IAR and keil;
  • 4、Familiar with C language programming, able to write the underlying test program;
  • 5、Strong document writing ability;
  • 6、Have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently and have strong practical ability;
  • 7、With Zigbee, bluetooth, wifi and other intelligent hardware design is preferred;
  • 8、Familiar with UC/OS, Linux, LWIP and other operating systems and protocol stack is preferred;
  • 9、Good communication skills and requirement understanding;
  • 10、Good English reading and writing skills, able to read and translate technical materials.