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  • Shipping Service
    • All orders will be shipped by DHL in 1 business days as your payment has cleared and all items are inspected before dispatch and are carefully hand-packed.In Hong Kong regions, the delivery uses Deppon Express by default.
    • When you place an order, please be sure to enter the correct name, address, and contact information so that we can deliver your items successfully.
  • Special Request
    • If you have any special requirements for shipping, please be sure to contact our customer service in advance for consultation.Please check the receipt information before payment. If you fill in the wrong address due to personal negligence, please contact customer service in time. We will try to contact you for the Express company to negotiate, but the risks and expenses arising from the address modification need to be borne by the customer. When ordering, please fill in your real name, delivery address and valid contact information; it is convenient for us to arrange package delivery in time.
  • Shipping Time
    • Shipment time for each product vary depending on availability. Please refer to the estimated delivery time displayed on the page when purchasing the product. If your order includes several products, the estimated shipping time will depend on the product that will take the longest. We do not separate orders, nor do we separate combo products and ship them before the estimated shipping time. If you want to receive products individually as soon as they are available, please order them separately.
    • For pre-sales products, we cannot promise to meet all orders that have been confirmed on the page and will reserve the right to reject, cancel orders and flexibly handle the quantity of product supply in specific orders. However, if this happens, we will promptly notify you.
  • Track Your Order
    • 1 .After the order is generated, you can login your account at any time, click “My Order” to check the detail delivery information.
    • 2.After the packager is shipped, you will receive a notification email with the delivery tracking number. It may take some time to get the delivery info. Please check the official website of related Express after receiving.
    • 3.You can also contact our customer service to check the order delivery status.
  • Checking and Signing
    • Please be sure to inspect the items ds when they are received; if you find that the delivery package is damaged or the itmes are damaged during transportation, please point out, take pictures, and reject them. Please call the official customer service after rejecting them.Please carefully check the invoice and the items and delivery note when you receive the package. If you find that the items are missing or damaged, please contact the official customer service immediately (that is, when the delivery staff is still on site).If you have signed yourself or signed by someone else, it will be regarded as that the quantity and items of your order are correct. To ensure your rights, we strongly recommend that you shall take a unpacking video.If delivery package are received abnormally, please be sure to contact customer service within 3 days after receiving.
  • Delivery charge
    • The delivery charge is subject to the amount of the order page. Additional charges due to special circumstances are borne by the responsible party.
  • Taxes & Duties
    • Import taxes, duties and related customs fees may be charged once the parcel arrives at the destination country. These charges are determined by the customs office of the specific destination.Payment of these charges and taxes is the responsibility of the recipient, for further details of charges, please contact your local customs office.