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AIY Projects Online Store Privacy Policy

Gravitylink Store (hereinafter referred to as”we”) is operated by Gravity Link International Limited(hereinafter referred to as“Gravity Link” or “we”). Gravity Link recognizes great importance to the protection of users' privacy and personal information. We collect and use your relevant information when you use our products and/or services. This Gravitylink Store Privacy Policy (the "Policy") explains to you how we collect, use, save, share and transfer information when you use our products and/or services, and the way we provide for you to visit, update, delete and protect that information.

The Policy explains the following:

  • A. How we collect and use your personal information

  • B. Purposes for collecting your personal information

  • C. How we use Cookies and similar technologies

  • D. Legal bases for collecting your personal information

  • E. How we share, transfer or make available your personal information

  • F. How we protect your personal information

  • G. Personal information preservation and retention

  • H. How to manage your personal information and your rights

  • I. Protection of minors' information

  • J. Notices and amendments

  • K. How to contact us

The Policy is closely related to the products and services made available to you by Gravitylink Store. Before using our products and services, you are kindly advised to read the Policy carefully and ensure that you fully understand it. The Policy tries to apply clear and concise terminology and provides links to further explanations for your better understanding. By using our products and services or other acting permitted by the applicable laws, you are deemed to have read, acknowledged and accepted all the provisions stated here in the Privacy Policy (including the updated version) ,and the legislation made by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) ), agree us to collect, use, save, and share your information.

A. How we collect and use your personal information

In order to provide our services to you, we will ask you to provide personal information that is necessary to provide those services to you. If you do not provide your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with our products or services.

1、Types of information collected

We will only collect the information that is necessary for its specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes. We may collect the following types of information (which may or may not be personal information):

1)Personal Internet access records : including website browsing records, software usage records, click record.

2)Personal registration information : including user name, user's nickname you set up during registration, as well as personal or company information such as company name, certificate number, address, email address, contact telephone number, and fax number etc.

3)Shopping information: including the purchaser and the consignee's name, address, contact telephone and other information, as well as the signature on the receipt certificate.

4)Payment information: the payer, payment method, payment amount, bank account number and other information.

5)Information on common equipment : including hardware model, device MAC address, operating system, unique device identification code of software list (such as information indicating common equipment with IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information, etc.

6)Other information obtained from customer service consultations, complaints, or telephone calls.

2、How the personal information can be used

Personal information is collected for providing services and / or products to you, and legal compliance on our part under applicable laws. You hereby consent that we may process and disclose personal information to our affiliated companies (which are in the communications, social media, technology and cloud businesses), Third Party Service Providers (defined below) for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

1)Provide you with information on products or services that you need or may be interested in.

2)Communicate with you about your device, service or any general queries, such as updates, customer inquiry support, information about our events, notices.

3)According to your application, provide you with a member account, and grant you the corresponding membership qualifications for purchasing goods and participating in various services on the website, such as promotion activities, purchase discount qualifications.

4)Receive, process or refund money.

5)Assess and improve our services, contact you for research.

6)Analyze and develop statistical information on use of our products and services to better improve our products and services.

7)Send product and service information to your designated contact information in condition of your prior consent.

8)Prevent and prosecute all kinds of illegal, criminal activities or legal responsibilities that violate our policy rules.

9)Other uses that you have licensed.

You are fully aware that in the following situations, we do not need your authorization to collect and use personal information:

1、Related to national security and national defense security;

2、Related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

3、Related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgment;

4、In order to protect the legal rights such as the lives and property of the personal information subject or other individuals, it is difficult to obtain user’s consent;

5、The collected personal information is the subject of personal information disclosed to the public by themselves;

6、If you collect personal information from legally disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, etc.

7、Necessary to sign a contract according to your requirements.

8、Required to maintain the safe and stable operation of the products and/or services provided, such as the detection and disposal of products and/or services.

9、Required for legal news reporting.

10、Academic research institutions are required to conduct statistical or academic research based on public interest, and when external academic research or description results are provided, the personal information contained in the results is de-identified.

11、Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

B. How we use cookies

To satisfy your personalized needs when you are online so that you can get a more relaxed access experience, we will send one or more small data files named cookies on your computer or mobile device. The cookies assigned to you are unique and can only be read by Web servers that publish cookies to your domain. This move is to avoid repeated logins, save your shopping preferences or items in your shopping cart, and so on, so as to provide you with shopping preferences setting, help you optimize the selection and interaction of advertisements, and judge your login status and account or data security.

We will not use cookies for any purposes other than those described in the Policy. You can manage or delete cookies at your own discretion. You can clear away all cookies saved on your computer. Moreover, you can also clear all cookies saved in the software.

You can manage or delete cookies at your own discretion. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser's settings to reject cookies if you want. But if you do this, you may need to personally change user settings every time you visit our website; the corresponding information you have previously recorded will also be deleted and it may have an impact on the security of the services you use. In some jurisdictions, we are required to ask for your consent before we deposit cookies on your device.

C. How we share, transfer, publicly disclose your personal information

1、The user’s information is an important part of our business. We do not transfer or otherwise share your personal information except as follows:

1)Get your explicit consent or authorization in advance;

2)Provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, legal process requirements, mandatory administrative or judicial requirements as necessary;

3)To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, to protect Gravitylink Store, affiliates or partners ours, you or other users of our online store or the public interest, property or safety from damage;

4)When dealing with mergers, acquisitions, asset transfer, or similar transactions involving personal information transfer or sharing, we will require that new companies and organizations that hold your personal information continue to be bound by this privacy policy. Otherwise, we will require The company, the organization will ask you for authorization again;

5)Only by sharing your information can we achieve the core functionality of our products and/or services or provide the services you need;

6)Handle your disputes or disputes with others for your needs;

7)Compliance with relevant agreements signed with you (including online signed electronic agreements and corresponding platform rules) or other legal documents;

8)Based on academic research;

9)Use based on social and public interests that comply with laws and regulations.

2、We will disclose your personal information publicly only under the following conditions and in compliance with industry-standard security measures:

1)Disclosure of personal information you designate in accordance with your needs, in the form of disclosure that you have explicitly agreed to.

2)In the event that your personal information must be provided in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, mandatory administrative enforcement, or judicial requirements, we may disclose your personal information based on the type of personal information requested and the disclosure method. In compliance with laws and regulations, when we receive the above request for disclosure of information, we will require that we must produce corresponding legal documents, such as summons or investigation letters. We firmly believe that the information required to be provided by us should be as transparent as possible to the extent permitted by law. All of our requests have been carefully reviewed to ensure that they are legally valid and are limited to the data that the law enforcement agencies have obtained due to their specific legal rights. Under the premise of laws and regulations, our disclosed documents are under the protection of encryption keys.

3、In order to provide you with better, better, more personalized services, or to jointly provide services for you, or for the purpose of preventing Internet crimes (such as fraud), our related parties (such as Alipay) and partners (such as banks) ) Share your personal information with us in accordance with the provisions of the law or with your agreement or with your consent.

D. How we protect and save your personal information

1、We will adopt industry-standard security protection measures, including the establishment of reasonable system regulations and security technologies to prevent unauthorized access, modification, and loss of your personal information.

2、We only allow the gravitational interconnection and gravitational interconnected employees and partners who need to know this information to access personal information, and set strict access control and monitoring mechanisms for this purpose. We also require that all personnel who may come into contact with your personal information fulfill their corresponding confidentiality obligations. If you fail to fulfill these obligations, you may be investigated for legal responsibility or suspended for cooperation with gravitation.

3、We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that no irrelevant personal information is collected. We will only retain your personal information for the period required to achieve the purpose described in this policy, unless we need to extend the retention period or it is allowed by law.

4、The Internet is not an absolutely secure environment, and the communication methods of e-mail, instant messaging, social software, etc. with other users cannot be fully encrypted. We recommend that you use complicated passwords when using such tools, and pay attention to protecting your personal information.

5、The Internet environment is not 100% secure, and we will do our best to ensure or guarantee the security of any information you send us. If our physical, technical, or management protective facilities are destroyed, resulting in unauthorized access to information, public disclosure, alteration, or destruction, and your legitimate rights and interests are damaged, we will assume corresponding legal responsibilities.

6、If you have any questions about our personal information protection, you can contact us through the contact details provided at the bottom of this policy.

E. How Do You Manage Your Personal Information

1、You have the right to request access to or correct any personal information we hold about you.

2、We usually provide these services for free, but reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for your data access requests.

3、If you wish to request access to personal data held by us or if you believe that any information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to the email address provided below.

This site may contain links to other sites that are not generally operated by us. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully browse and use the site when you visit the linked site; we are not responsible for any consequences of using such site services.

G. Protection of Minor Information

1、We do not sell products to children, but we sell children's products to adults. If you are under the age of 18, you can use this site only if your parents or guardians are involved. This website protects the personal information of minors in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations.

2、For the collection of personal information of minors with the consent of parents or legal guardians, we will only use or publicly disclose this information if it is permitted by law, the parent or guardian explicitly consents to or protects the minor.

3、If we find ourselves collecting personal information of a minor without prior consent of the parent or legal guardian, we will try to delete the relevant data as soon as possible.

H. Notices and Revisions

1、In order to provide you with better services and with the development of Gravity Link’s business, this privacy policy will also be updated. However, without your explicit consent, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy. We also update the version in our website and mobile website,and notify you the latest privacy policy.

2、For significant changes, we will also provide more noticeable notices (we will explain specific changes to our privacy policy by including but not limited to emails, text messages, or special tips on the browsing page).

Major changes to this policy include, but are not limited to:

1)Significant changes have taken place in our service model. For example, the purpose of processing personal information, the types of personal information handled, the use of personal information, etc.;

2)We have made major changes in ownership structure, organizational structure, and so on. Such as business adjustment, bankruptcy mergers and other changes caused by the owner;

3)Changes in the main objects of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure;

4)There has been a major change in your rights to participate in the processing of personal information and in the way it is used;

5)The responsible department that handles personal information security, contact information,and the complaints channel change;

6)The personal information security impact assessment report indicates that there is a high risk.

I. How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this Privacy Policy or your personal information:

  • Online customer service
  • Send email:
  • Call us: (852)3115 9335

This "Gravitylink Store Privacy Policy" came into effect on May 1, 2018.