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Vision Kit

Create the Vision for Future

Vision Kit is a DIY kit that provides image-recognition capabilities using neural networks, that enables each maker to create his or her own artificial intelligence image processing device.

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* The global MSRP of Vision Kit is $89.49, and the HKD price is affected by currency exchange rate.

Small in Size, Big on Power

With the Raspberry Pi new generation development board, the Kits could help makers access to machine learning field easily, grow and innovate, and assist them to complete all kinds of artificial intelligence prototype products.
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TensorFlowFrom Learn to See

The built-in machine learning framework, TensorFlow model compiler is an industry-leading technology, which allows you to add your own model, or start training a new model to make it perfectly functioned on Vision kit.

AI Everywhere, Beyond the Cloud

As Google’s first project to provide neural network acceleration at device terminals, computer vision support can be provided without connecting to the cloud.

AI Visual Tool Observe the World Rapidly

Equipped with Intel Movidius MA2450 processor, designed for low-energy artificial neural network programming, with 30FPS processing image speed, it gives Vision Kit superior image computing capabilities.

Young Generation, Leading the Future

The assemble process is extremely safe with no cutting or soldering step contained, and is highly suitable for children to get involved, experience and explore artificial intelligence technology intuitively, hence strengthen their STEAM capability.

Open source brings infinite features and possibilities


The Vision Kit is designed to be light and handy, so it can fit into a variety of small spaces, adapt to existing product prototypes. Use your own imagination to create more artistic and favorable appearances for Vision Kit.  


By using Python API, you could customize your own RGB color and sound of the button. button. The Vision Kit also includes 4 GPIO pins for you to connect to other hardware or devices to create more possibilities.

We encourage every maker to send your own AIY demo or work to us, and we will select the creative and innovative ones to give a chance to present to global AIY makers.