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Voice Kit

Closer to Natural Human Interaction

It’s easy to add speech recognition and natural language processing to your DIY devices leveraging by the Google Assistant SDK and Google Cloud Speech API.

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* The global MSRP of Voice Kit is $49.99, and the HKD price is affected by currency exchange rate.

Raspberry Pi

Explore New Area for Raspberry Pi

New Voice Kit include a fresh Raspberry Pi Zero. With its complete hardware system, it creates a virtual voice
assistant that integrates audio capture and playback analysis functions to make your fantastic projects come true.

Built-in Speech Commands Dataset

Combine with TensorFlow, Voice Kit has a built-in Speech Commands Dataset, which has 65,000 one-second long utterances of 30 short words. You can quickly build basic speech interaction applications, with no buttons to start and fully offline.

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Free Your Hands, Release More Space

Voice Kit can replace physical buttons, display screens of traditional devices. It is no longer necessary to add an APP control for each smart device in the mobile phone. With Google's advanced AI technology, Voice Kit will let your projects become more useful with its freely interaction.

Voice Bonnet

Simple but Powerful Human-Computer Interaction

As the core component of the AIY Voice Kit, Voice Bonnet not only can drive speakers and connect microphones, but also can drive DC motors and servos, connect sensors, support stereo sound, and provide reliable hardware support for all your crazy creative ideas.

Rapid in Developing Prototype Product

Google provides a dedicated operating system document for Voice Kit. Users can develop various program directly on the system and seamlessly connect with Android Things. This greatly simplifies the prototyping of IoT products and equipment, and covers the whole process of extending the prototype from ideas into a complete commercial product.

External and Internal

All You Want is Here

Except for Raspberry Pi, AIY Voice Kit also includes Voice Bonnet, preloaded SD card,microphone, speaker, cables, LED, button and geek-style external and internal cardboard.

We encourage every maker to send your own AIY demo or work to us, and we will select the creative and innovative ones to give a chance to present to global AIY makers.